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Hiawatha Township Board

Township Supervisor
Gilbert Baker

Gilbert has been a resident of Hiawatha Township for 42 years.  His record of service includes 36 years with the Hiawatha Fire Department and 20 years as the Chairman of the Board of Review.  He and his wife Diane have also served as Supervisor and Deputy Supervisor for Hiawatha Township since 2007.  

You can contact Gilbert at:

906-341-5156 or

Jessica Beckman

Jessica and her husband Isaac are raising their three children here in Hiawatha Township.  She was appointed to the Board in 2019 after serving as Deputy Treasurer since 2013.


You can contact Jessica at:

906-341-0297 or  

Kelly Matchinski

Kelly lives in Hiawatha Township with her husband John.  Kelly was appointed to the Board in October of 2019.

You can contact Kelly at:

906-341-6420 or  

Robbin Larson

Robbin was originally appointed to the Township Board as a Trustee in 2005.  Her current term began when she was elected in the 2016 election.

You can contact Robbin at:


Cindy Jenerou


Cindy was born and raised in Hiawatha Township as were her children and grandchildren.  She and her late husband Tom have both served as Township Clerk in the past.  She looks forward to continuing to serve on the Board as Trustee.

You can contact Cindy at:


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